METAPHYSICAL/SPIRITUAL Counselling - $99/session

Are you going through some major life changes? Or, perhaps, feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life? You know things could be better, but you're just not sure how to get there. This type of counselling is a very practical, results-focused program where you will receive SUPPORT, DIRECTION and GUIDANCE to navigate the changes in all areas of your life.

METAPHYSICAL COUNSELLING is a non-denominational form of spiritual counselling which uses the natural laws of the Universe to support, guide and direct you to happiness, health, abundance & prosperity, better relationships and life satisfaction.


SAVE $75 on a 6-week package!

*Weekly sessions are recommended for optimal results

“I have thoroughly enjoyed being counselled by Janis Hannan over the past few months. Her professionalism, compassion and insight have enriched m​y life immensely. Janis has always made me feel comfortable expressing my own beliefs and has complemented them by expressing her own. I look forward to being supported further by her and highly recommend her Spiritual Counselling.”

– Kathleen Scott 226.237.6378 (November 2019)​


Uplift the energy in your home or office for more peaceful dwelling, better relations with others, and higher energy and health! Janis will attend personally at your home or office to clear and bless your space. If you've recently had healing work done on yourself and would like to extend the benefits once you get home or back to the workplace, this is an excellent time to clear and bless your space. Home Blessing is perfect for after moving into a new home or after illness or tension in the home or office.


Earthing uses the natural healing force of the earth to help reduce inflammation, heal injuries, reduce chronic pain, and to promote better sleep, deep relaxation and reduce stress. We also include essential oils & other energy practices to make this is a powerful treatment! Relax fully-clothed on a comfortable massage table with Earthing nodes attached to specific acupuncture points (usually on the feet) while you listen to soothing music. This is a non-invasive treatment.

*add during other treatments for only $20


A gentle, non-invasive hands-on energy treatment that heals on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to eliminate the root cause of stress, illness and disease.

Regular treatments are recommended to promote a peaceful sense of well-being and personal empowerment. *Chakra balancing also available.


- $149 (90-120mins.)

For healthier-looking radiant skin, we use pure essential oils for their natural skin healing and anti-aging properties, along with custom-made and professional products designed to revitalize & nourish each cell, where healthy skin begins, so skin looks younger & healthier. Facial includes a neck/shoulder, hand & foot and scalp massage with essential oils. A relaxing treatment for the Mind, Body & Spirit!


-$50/$88 (30 or 60 mins.)

A relaxing, gentle massage with lymphatic drainage using a custom blend of essential oils to relax, balance & rejuvenate or address particular health concerns. We use only the most pure, therapeutic plant essences for your optimal healing on all levels.

*Add dry brush exfoliation for extra absorption of essential oils, along with many health benefits, for $25, or scalp massage

for $15


- $75 Basic / $88 Deluxe

A treatment to promote whole body relaxation, improve circulation and stimulate the body’s own natural healing response to treat a multitude of conditions. Deluxe treatment is 90-mins. and begins with a relaxing and detoxifying soak in a foot bath with essential oils & sea salts followed by a complete Reflexology treatment, and includes a foot scrub and massage with essentials oils.


Experience peace & tranquility as Janis guides you through a relaxation meditation. For deeper healing with your other therapies, ask to have added before your treatments. *Add white sage smudging, essential oils, Reiki, and an extra 30-mins. to treatment

for only $25.

*group meditations for 6 or more people at reduced fee

Nutritional Supplement Consulting


The American Medical Association and world-class nutritional medicine doctors and scientists advise that every person needs to supplement their diet with nutritional supplements.

We recommend USANA Nutritional supplements & products, where applicable, to our clients for optimal health & wellness. To learn more about these products, please contact us directly.

*Gift Certificates are available for all Treatments*

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CANCELLATION POLICY: Except in the case of emergency, please provide a minimum of 48 hours notice by phone at 519.872.2248 should you require a change of appointment time, otherwise a cancellation fee of 75% of your booked services will be charged. Thank you!